Don Bosco Institute of Philosophy, Ibadan, was instituted first and foremost for the formation of the members of the Salesians of Don Bosco, in 2005. Though open to other congregations (at the moment, the Servants of Charity of St Guanella and the Sons of Mother Mary) and to lay students, the main goal of the project remains the religious philosophical formation of the Salesians. For this reason, the Institute made the choice not to affiliate to any Nigerian University, because this would have implied conditions not favourable for the purpose, specifically a four-year curriculum and now also the condition of the passing of the JAMB examination.
Therefore, the curriculum of studies presents a three-year programme which is quite different from what is generally followed in the seminaries and other universities of philosophy in Nigeria, where the curriculum develops into four years and there are exams that are also theological and aims at matching the condition of the Nigerian Academic Board. For this reason, it is practically impossible that a student who has been attending classes in other universities may simply continue in our institute in case he decides to interrupt his studies in Nigerian centres.
Nevertheless, two years ago we got the affiliation to the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome (Italy). Therefore, our Institute offers a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy issued by the Pontifical University in Rome.
For those who would like to enrol in our Institute, it is very important to understand the practical validity of our qualification.