For those who would like to enroll in our Institute, it is very important to understand the practical validity of our qualification. Please, read with attention below.

  1. Being affiliated to a Pontifical University (Salesian Pontifical University, Rome), there is no problem for all those students who would like to proceed their theological formation in any Catholic or Pontifical Institute or University all over the world. Our qualification is enough to continue. Nevertheless, the problem could be the precise matching between the two curricula, since the Nigerian theological curricula are generally preceded by a four-years philosophical curriculum, with integrations of theological courses. In our curriculum, we offer some basic theological courses, but we don’t claim any high degree acknowledgment, since they are introduced for the purpose of a basic catechetical formation for our confreres in formation who, after philosophical studies, may find themselves in pastoral work.
  1. Different is the case if the student wants to continue to a public university. The acknowledgement of our qualification will depend on the specific relationship between the Holy See and the country where one intends to study  As far as the situation in Nigeria is concerned, unfortunately Nigeria does not recognize Pontifical qualifications. Therefore, since we are not affiliated to any Nigerian University, at least so far, we are not valued when one wants to continue in a Nigerian University.
  1. Therefore, a possible way out, is to continue in another country that recognizes our qualifications, like Ghana.
  1. If there is no other possibility than remaining in Nigeria, the experience of our past students tells us that so far there is only a university in Nigeria (Imo University) that fully recognizes our qualification, therefore admitting them without any further requirement to the Master’s Degree programme. Other universities instead have required 1 or even 2 more years to integrate the curriculum and get the Bachelor Qualification necessary for the Master Degree programme.