Our Academic programme is the one for which affiliation to the Salesian Pontifical University Rome has been granted

Normally examinations are conducted at the end of each semester. The examination may be oral or written as decided upon by the lecturer in understanding with the Dean of Studies.
In the course of the semester, students may be expected to write term papers or written assignments. Written tests are also encouraged. It is left to the lecturer of a particular course to decide how to conduct these, with due consultation with the Dean of Studies.
This last condition is very important because, in order to avoid overburdening of the student with consequent lowering down of the quality of study, the Institute has decided that no more than 2 scientific papers per semester should be given to the students. A scientific paper is considered to be a term paper between 8 and 12 pages long, with bibliography and footnotes.
Written examinations will not exceed three hours’ duration, while oral examinations, when they are conducted, may vary from a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 20 minutes at the discretion of the lecturer.
There are three sessions for examinations: at the end of each semester and within the first two weeks of October. If a student fails in an examination, he must repeat the same. Repeat examinations are conducted not before the next session.
In every subject the marks allotted are out of 100. A minimum of 50 marks is required for a pass in any subject. In every subject up to 30% is normally allotted for internal assessment, that is, written assignments, class work, term papers, homework and continuous assessment tests.
Written assignments or scientific papers of any form and final examinations must both be passed for the course to be considered completed. Therefore, if a student fails any of the two, he must repeat in the next session both the written assignment or scientific paper and the final examination.